Each applicant accepted in a MU degree program must, regardless of his/her score in the Turkish Language Proficiency Test, comply with the regulations of MU and submit the required documents within the stated registration dates for the academic year 2017-2018.

 Applicants who have been admitted to a MU program must bring their passports bearing a student visa to MU during registration. This visa can be obtained from embassies or consulates of the Republic of Turkey abroad.

 The right to study in Turkey is also granted, without a student visa requirement, to non- citizens, including the holders of the Document for the Use of the Rights Granted by the Law, No. 5901, who originally had Turkish nationality at birth but, upon the Turkish Government's approval, have given up their nationality and have been admitted to the nationality of a foreign state, and have, upon their qualification in MÜYÖS, been accepted into a MU program.

 Vacant quotas will be announced on MU website. Registration to vacant quotas will be coordinated by the Foreign Student Office of the Student Affairs Department.

Documents for Registration

  •  The original MÜYÖS Result Report, or the exam reports of the equivalent exams indicated in Annex 1,
  •  The original high school diploma with a notarized Turkish translation from a Notary Public or Turkish Embassy/Consulate abroad,
  •  Diploma Equivalency Certificate given by the Turkish Ministry of Education (for those who have not graduated from a Turkish high school),
  •  Transcripts, showing the names of courses, number of hours per week and grades received for the courses, approved by the administration of the applicant’s high school with a notarized Turkish translation approved by a Notary or Turkish Embassy/Consulate abroad,
  •  A notarized and translated (into Turkish) copy of the applicant’s passport,
  •  A copy of the Student visa obtained from embassies or consulates of the Republic of Turkey abroad,
  •  A copy of the notarized Residence Permit (foreign students must submit this document to MU Student Affairs Department within 1 month following registration)
  •  Bank slip (receipt) of the contribution fee payment,
  •  6 photographs,
  •  Foreign Language Proficiency Exam
  •  Result Report, if any,
  •  Turkish Language Proficiency Exam Result Report, if any (Certificates granted by the MU School of Foreign Languages, TÖMER centers of T.R. universities and certificates granted by Yunus Emre Institute are valid.)
  •  Report of Medical Board for the applicants accepted to health-related programs (chest x-rays and accompanying report for Chemistry programs).
  •  For citizens with Turkish. nationality, declaration of T.R. Identity Number or the copy of the T.R.Identity Card.
  •  For male citizens with Turkish nationality, declaration of military service status.
  •  For those who have dual citizenship through a foreign citizenship by birth and an acquired T.R. citizenship, an identity register copy.


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