The total number of foreign students of the same nationality to be accepted to programs in a Faculty/ School/ Vocational School cannot exceed 20% of the total quota of the Faculty/ School/ Vocational School. If the quotas have not been filled, this rule will not be applied and students will be placed on the basis of their MÜYÖS scores.

Applicants will be placed in only one program according to their scores and order of their choices by the Foreign Student Office of MU Student Affairs Department. 

• Marmara University is free to fill or not to fill the vacant quotas.

• Even if a student has fulfilled all the application conditions, this does not mean that he/she will be placed in a program.

• Examination results will only be announced on the Application System,

• Applicants will learn their examination results by using their usernames and passwords.

The accepted applicants and alternative candidates will be informed by a letter sent by the Foreign Student Office of MU Student Affairs Department. Information on registration dates and registration documents will be included in this letter.

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