• An applicant who gets at least 50 points in the Basic Learning Skills Test in MUYOS will be able to choose a program.

• Applicants can make 4 program choices at most from among those given in Table 1, Table 2 and Table 3.

• Applicants who choose a program which admits students on the basis of an Aptitude Test must also take the MÜYÖS exam. Only those applicants who get at least 50 points from the Basic Learning Skills Test is granted the right to take the Aptitude Test. The placement of these applicants will be based upon the results of the Aptitude Test.

• The Aptitude Tests are held on the dates determined by MU Rectorate and announced in the academic calendar. The dates are also announced on the web sites of the relevant departments. Any applicant who has not taken the Aptitude Test will not be placed in a program.

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