Exam Rules

• The MUYOS examination will be held on  at 14 p.m. according to the local time of Turkey

• Applicants must bring their passports, Exam Entrance Cards and bank receipts indicating the payment of the contribution fee to the exam hall.

• Applicants must not bring any devices or equipment to the exam hall except soft lead pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener and wristwatch. They are not allowed to bring cellular phones into the examination hall.

• Following the ID check starting at 13.00 p.m., applicants will be admitted to the exam halls. The exam will start at 14.00 a.m. and will be held in 1 session. Applicants should be ready in front of the building of their exam hall, at least 1 hour before the exam starts.

• MÜYÖS “Basic Learning Skills Test” is prepared in three languages, namely French, Turkish and English. This test is consisting of abstract reasoning ability, mathematics and geometry questions.

• All of the questions in the booklet are multiple- choice, and the applicant is required to select the right answer from among five alternatives. The applicant should mark the optic form carefully. Answers will be counted  as incorrect if more than one choice is marked or if the applicant’s marks overflow the given space for the answer.

• Answers marked on anywhere other than the given answer sheet will not be considered valid. Answers written on the booklet will be invalid.

• It is strictly forbidden for applicants to talk, cheat or assist others during the examination. Applicants proven to be disobeying the rules will be disqualified.

• At the end of the examination, applicants will hand  in, as instructed, the question booklet together with the optic form to the exam proctor(s) in charge of the exam hall. The optic forms of applicants whose examination results have been declared invalid because they have disobeyed the rules of the examination or have not returned the necessary documents at the end of the examination will not be evaluated and an Examination Result Report will not be issued.

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