Announcement for Collegeboard SAT / AP, ACT And Other Exam Results

Candidates and students who will / have applied for MÜYÖS with Collegeboard SAT / AP and ACT Exam Results, follow the steps in the link with DI code 9153-Marmara University for SAT / AP; or follow the steps in the link for ACT (college code 2891) until the deadline of Application Information and Document Control Date announced on the website . The DI code (Designated Institution Code) required for your application for sending the Exam Result Document will be announced in this announcement, also will be sent via SMS (only for Turkey code mobile phone numbers) and e-mail addresses of all candidates who have preferred to apply with the SAT and AP document. Candidates who make a request from, or other relevant institution pages should share the code with the relevant institution following the announcement of the code. The responsibility of the documents that are not sent / delayed until the end of the specified period (deadline 25.06.2021 23:59 (UTC+3)) belongs entirely to the student / applicant.

Candidates who have made a request for your Collegeboard SAT / AP, ACT and Other Accepted International Exam Result Documents Until the deadline for the Application Information and Document Control Procedures announced on the page will be verified through the relevant institutions if you completed your request you do not need to take any further action. For document verification purposes, Marmara University may request to see examination result documents in the presence of the University officials. During your application process, regularly follow the web site and your e-mail.