Entrance Exam for Students from Abroad

Entrance Exam for Students from Abroad

Application Fee

Applicants should pay to the bank account detailed below the contribution fee for expenditures in order to apply for the exam on the Application System using their user name and password.

The applicants who effect payment via bank transfer or EFT should indicate their user names on the system during transaction.

Those who wish to apply using their MÜYÖS 2016 Basic Learning Test results or the results of the exams indicated in Annex 1 of this guide should pay the exam contribution fee. Such applicants may take the MÜYÖS 2017, if they prefer to do so. (Click here to learn exams accepted.)

Do not forget to provide the bank with this information when you make the payment!

Explanation: Applicant ID-First Name-Surname
Example: YU1500137-ALBERT-EINSTEIN 


Amount of Exam/Participation:                             70 USD (Seventy United States Dollars)
70 EURO (Seventy Euros)
250 TL (Two hundred and fifty Turkish Liras)
Bank: Türkiye Halk Bankası A.Ş., Kuyubaşı Branch
Account/IBAN No: USD - TR 37 0001 2009 8660 0058 0001 41
EUR - TR 46 0001 2009 8660 0058 0000 76
TL    - TR 83 0001 2009 8660 0006 0001 35
Contact: Phone: (+90) 216 6276272 (Call Center)
Fax: (+90) 216 349 56 45
Web: http://muyos.marmara.edu.tr/en/ 
Address: Marmara University Department of Student Affairs Rectorate Building Goztepe Campus 34722/ Kadikoy-Istanbul

Extra Information

Applicants in Turkey can deposit the required fee from any branch of the bank.

Applicants from outside Turkey can deposit the required fee from a correspondent bank or any other internationally active bank.

Applicants, from inside or outside Turkey, should be careful about the following points:

  • a) Applicants are considered to have paid the contribution fee for expenditures only after the funds have been transferred and credited to MU’s account. Personal checks, money orders, travelers’ checks, postal orders, bank notes or any other form of money transfer are not acceptable; bank checks, postal orders or money enclosed in an envelope should not be sent by post.
  • b) The processing fee that may be charged by the bank for the service of depositing the contribution fee for expenditures is not included in the application fee.
  • c) The application will be invalid unless the contribution fee for expenditures has been paid.
  • d) Applicants should check the information on the confirmation slip to make sure it is accurate before leaving the bank. Mistakes, if any, should be corrected immediately

Warming : Applicants who pay the contribution fee,  but decide not to apply,  or those whose applications are invalid, or those who do not or cannot take the exam, or those who are not allowed to sit the exam or who are expelled from the exam hall, or who fail the exam, or whose exam papers are invalid for  any reason, or who pay for any procedure that does not require payment or who have made double payment for a single procedure cannot claim the right to a refund of the fees paid. 

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